Containment Isolators

State-of-the-art specialized containment, in accordance with your specific needs.

Ravona’s containment isolators protect pharmaceutical industry personnel and the environment from dangerous substances. Designed in accordance with specific customer needs, our isolators provide the highest level of OEL operator protection (less than 1 nanograms/m²).

Our isolators are used for a variety of functions:

  • Weighing highly active substances 
  • Adding API powder into mixing vessels 
  • Dispensing powders 
  • Dissolving powdery API in a solvent 
  • Incorporating additional materials 
  • Heating & cooling, nutsche filter integration 
  • Reactor integrations

Isolator manufacturing takes place in Ravona’s manufacturing site, thus ensuring superb production quality and precise compliance with strict regulation and standards.

Containment Isolators

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The perfect integrated solution for HPAPI production and R&D.

Vacuum Oven

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Ravona offers a vast variety of unique integrations, from milling and sieving to dispensing, weighing and more.


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Lifting system for heavy loads that adapts to all drum sizes. Offers reliable, repeatable and accurate drum docking onto the Isolator’s inflatable seal port.

Drum Docking & Lift System

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Ravona isolators offer the possibility to work with explosive materials, and can be installed in an ATEX zone.

ATEX (Explosion Proof)

We Comply with the Following Standards and Guidelines

Experience containment excellence, your way.

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